About Us

Viking crime scene cleanup is a group made up of well-rounded, trained volunteers and professional crime scene cleaners, skilled and equipped to handle and dispose all biohazard wastes leaving the location spotless clean and safe for inhabitants. With years of experience in our background, our team can handle the worst case, as we are guided by the States Safety Regulations. We take our responsibilities as a trusted crime scene cleaners seriously and understand how critical our job is, as well as the reliability necessary for each and every cleanup task. Biohazard cleaning companies are crucial in proper sanitization and restoration of any residential or business trauma or death scene. They will safely remove any infectious diseases or odors using certified chemicals and equipment


24×7 – Nationwide – Certified

Crime Scene Cleanup

Certified Crime Scene Cleanup services company

Trauma Cleanup

Certified Trauma Cleanup services company

Blood Cleanup

Certified Blood Cleanup services company

Death Cleanup

Certified Death Cleanup services company

Hazmat Cleanup

Certified Hazmat Cleanup services company

Homicide Cleanup

Certified Homicide Cleanup services company

Biohazard Cleanup

Certified Biohazard Cleanup services company

Suicide Cleanup

Certified Suicide Cleanup services company

Tear Gas Cleanup

Certified Tear gas Cleanup services company